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Authentic Biryani Masala Blend and Garam Masala Blend With Biryani Recipe Card

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Our authentic Biryani and Garam Masala blend.

Our original Biryani Masala blend is made to our family recipe and contains fourteen premium quality, ethically sourced organic spices. This is the ultimate spice blend to make one of the most traditional dishes of the Punjab. It's also great sprinkled over hummus, mixed into mayonnaise or used as a salad dressing. 

  • 1 x Original Biryani Masala Blend (28g) 
  • 1 x Original Garam Masala Blend (289) 
  • I Biryani recipe card 
  • Freshly roasted, ground and blended. Then, lovingly each bundle is hand wrapped in eco friendly paper gift wrap ready to gift to the curry lovers, or conscious home cooks in your life.  

    Our biryani spice blend packs contains enough blend for approx 3 dishes which serve between 4-6 people per dish. 

    All our spice blends are sustainably sourced and vegan-friendly, you may need to use your favourite vegetarian or vegan alternatives in our recipes and serving suggestions where required.

    The spices we use are free from gluten but are processed in a facility that also handles cereals containing gluten, milk, nuts, sesame and soya.