Having grown up eating delicious homemade meals I wanted the same for my family. So I decided to learn from the best chef around, my mum! My mum holds a wealth of culinary expertise. All of the dishes she makes come from her own family's roots she brought with her when she emigrated to the UK from the Punjab. Food was a way for her to stay connected with her homeland and impart some of the culture to me. 

As my passion for Indian cooking grew, so did my curiosity for the many spices used to flavour our food so I jumped into my spice research and was shocked to discover that 'conventional' (i.e. non-organic) spices tend to be treated with toxic chemicals and hazardous radiation. This shocking revelation planted the seed of the singing spice in my mind and I knew from that moment that I would ensure all my spices are sustainably sourced from organic farmers and growers. 

As my small tribe of loyal spice lovers grew, I realised this was something I could share with other health and quality-conscious home cooks and chefs. This became my motivation to launch The Singing Spice Company.

Our blends are hand blended to family recipes going back 3 generations and take the stress out of pairing and blending individual spices. They're also blended in small batches and packaged in resealable paper pouches so as to preserve freshness and reduce wastage.

All our spices and blends are certified by the Soil Association and packaged in eco friendly packaging that is compostable, recyclable or reusable.  We're also proud to be members of the eco packaging alliance so for every order of packaging we make, we're able to plant trees in areas of need and contribute towards global reforestation. 

Our readymade blends will not only allow you to create authentic daals, kormas and meat masalas in minutes, you'll also be able to reap the maximum health benefit of the spices given they're chemical free.

And if that wasn't enough, your thoughtful purchase will allow us to feed vulnerable children in need around the world. We think you'll love our organic spice blends.

Join the singing spice family. 

Sofia x