Here at the Singing Spice Company, we're on a mission to simplify authentic Indian cooking by selecting only the finest organic spices so you can create that  perfect, healthy meal without worrying about which spices to use. 

Our Story

Our journey began when our family grew from two to four. As busy working parents, eating healthy, wholesome food became a rarity. Having grown up eating homemade curries I wanted the same for my family. So I decided to learn from the best chef around, my mum! My mum holds a wealth of culinary expertise which took form in tasty biryanis, mutton paaye, and chicken karahis – to name a few! All of the dishes she would make came from her own family's roots which she brought with her when she immigrated to the UK. Food was a way for her to stay connected with her homeland and impart some of the culture to me. Each dish was a rich, uniquely flavoured experience I was keen to share with the next generation of our family.Her invaluable guidance taught me to cook from the heart and enjoy every step of crafting a delicious homemade meal from frying the onions right down to selecting the different spices. Cooking no longer seemed like a chore. I  found myself looking forward to it after a hard day at work. Spending time in the kitchen allowed me to switch off and simply enjoy the moment as I recreated all of those mouthwatering dishes I devoured as a child. As my love for cooking grew, so did my passion for the spices which give them their tantalizing flavour. The more I used them to season my dishes, the more I learned about their incredible health benefits.  As I jumped into my spice research I was shocked to discover that 'conventional' (i.e. non-organic) spices and herbs tend to be treated with toxic chemicals and hazardous radiation to kill off potential bacteria, mould, yeast, insects, and pathogens they may contain. It was a far cry from the natural spices which seasoned my mother's cooking. This shocking revelation planted the seed of the singing spice in my mind. I switched to organic spices for all of my cooking and when family and friends started complimenting the taste and flavour of my curries, I would share my secret of using organic spices and create bespoke blends for them. As my small tribe of loyal spice lovers grew, I realised this was something I could share with other health and quality-conscious home cooks. It became my motivation to launch The Singing Spice Company. 


At The Singing Spice Company, we source certified organic spices and herbs for our individual spices and bespoke blends.  None of our spices or spices blends have been irradiated or treated with nasty chemicals. We never use fillers or anti-caking agents like most store-bought spices. All of our spices are 100% natural and non-GMO. Our entire line is sourced ethically and responsibly and we are proud to be certified by the Soil Association. Our customers can rest assured we're meeting the highest standards of integrity. It's our way of saying 'don’t worry, have a curry' and actually mean it!


The Singing Spice Company is my journey of self-discovery and like my mother before me, a way to stay connected to my culture and share it with others. I simplify the art of traditional Indian cooking by sharing with you the authentic recipes I have learnt from my mother and hand-select the highest grade of organic spices so that you can create that perfect curry knowing it is authentic, healthy, and free of nasty chemicals.