Over 1000 meals provided to children around the world. Support us to provide more meals.

The Singing Spice Company is committed to giving back to those in need, donating a portion of each sale from our spice packs to provide meals to children around the world. We work directly with local people, charities and causes close to our heart around the world to provide funds to support needy children in the area. It's our way of fostering contact while ensuring accountability and seeing that the money we raise goes to those who need it most. In the image above, our dear friend Azzedine provided funds donated by us through your kind purchases to feed these beautiful children in an orphanage in Casablanca Morocco. 

We are also proud to partner with Chefs in Schools, a UK based charity who are campaigning for and supporting children at risk of hunger in the UK. Alongside this, they are working to transform school food to ensure that children receive a nutritious, freshly cooked meal whilst in school. They work in areas with high levels of socio-economic deprivation – where levels of free school meals are the highest.
So far we have fed over 1000 children around the world and we pledge that every pack of singing spices sold goes towards helping local communities. We hope you can join us in our mission and help support the vulnerable children in the UK and around the world. 
With your support we will provide free meals to kids around the world!