Organic vs Non-Organic Spices...?

Did you know that during the famous spice trade of the 15th century, some spices were worth more than the value of gold? While a lot has changed since that time, it’s still quite interesting to pose the question of what makes a spice so valuable today. The answer can only rest in the journey that it’s taken from garden to shelf. To truly harness the beneficial properties contained within spices, we take a step away from conventional spices and dive into the world of organic spices.

The true power of organic spices

While many health buffs are deeply aware of the importance of buying organic fruits and vegetables over regular produce, that awareness doesn’t often cross over to their selection of spices.

Over the ages and to present time, many spices have been used to treat ailments, boost energy and vitality, detoxify the body and increase longevity, making them highly prized for their healing and medicinal properties. With the creation of The Singing Spice Company, we set out on a mission to carefully protect the following characteristics contained within some of our favourite spices:

Organic turmeric: Turmeric halts the progress of many types of cancer by decreasing cancer cell growth and mutation. In animal studies, turmeric extract has been shown to decrease tumour formation by as much as 80% in as little as 30 days.

 Organic coriander: Enriched with antioxidants, coriander helps to detoxifying the body by neutralising free-radicals which exist as a result of stress, poor dietary choices or environmental pollutants. One study points to coriander’s ability to significantly reduce skin damage caused by overexposure to UV radiation.

 Organic cumin seeds: Takes the cake for the second most popular spice in the world behind black pepper. Cumin seeds have been shown to reduce stress levels naturally, enhance memory and protect against cancer.

Why do conventional spices get such a bad rap?

Just as spices danced across the world in the spice trade, it pays to learn how that dance has changed in recent times. Unfortunately mass-produced conventional spice companies devise plans for the most cost-effective strategies for growing and harvesting their spices in order to gain maximum profits. On the other hand, you’ll notice organic spice companies tend to hold your health as their number one priority.

 Many conventional spices lose their nutritional profile and can even become toxic for the following reasons:

 During growth

  • Farmers rely on the heavy use of pesticides to successfully grow their spice crops (which of course begin as plants) in order to fend off any insects or bugs, which can leave a toxic pesticide residue on the spice.

After harvest

  • They are commonly treated with ethylene oxide gas (ETO): In order to remove any remaining bacteria in final harvest. This sterilisation process has been found to be carcinogenic to human health.

Before packaging

  • In the last stage of packaging the spices, various fillers such as artificial colours, flavours and preservatives are added. Once again, these help to keep overall costs down and increase shelf life. Ironically, spices contain natural properties which preserve food and enhance shelf life without any need to be tampered with! You’ll be surprised just how many conventional spices found in large supermarkets across the UK contain these fillers.

Overall, conventional spices lose not only their nutritional value but their taste and texture through the above unnecessary processes. From harvest to shelf, the end product ends up being a very long way from what we can consider to be food, at least not of the natural kind. When purchasing organic spices, you’re guaranteed that is exactly what you’re getting- 100% natural with no nasty chemicals.

While the world has evolved in so many incredible ways since the spice trade, it’s important to be aware of the many processes involved in getting those spices to the supermarket shelf. By selecting organic spices, you’re not only boosting the nutritional value of your meal but adding vibrant flavours without worrying about the intake of harmful chemicals.


Chief Spice Officer 

The Singing Spice Company.

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